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Shop your ammo at Gunner Ammunition Online the best ammo dealer in the Us. We stock premium calibers from top-notch manufacturers and ship directly to your door-step. Maximum 2 day you will receive your order on time.

Welcome to Gunner Ammunition Online

Firstly, we are an online ammunition store based in Texas, our love for ammo sales began when our founder Rolland James was a range officer at Austin Shooting range in Texas. He love what he was doing, and at the same time, he used  to sell at the range gun shop when he was free. He always wanted to open his own range office but something was pulling him down that was finance.

Secondly, he worked for five good years as a range officer at Austin Shooting range texas and was promoted to be the senior range officer due to his effort and commitment to his work. One day he asked himself “Will I ever own something like this in my entire life? at that time he was having a friend who was the owner of Athletic Gun Club Texas. They both schooled together then and from time to time, he always visit him at his gun club to chat and discuss with him. One early morning he received a call from his friend asking him to come to his gun club for an event that was held that day, and Rolland went there.

Thirdly, it was a shooting competition going on that day and people were betting to see the highest shot on target at the right spot, so Billy his friend knew that Rolland is a good shooting and can win this, so he decided to bet on Rolland and guess what Rolland came out the winner with $20.000 cash and he was very happy he took half of the money to give his friend for his kind gesture and for believing in him.

To continue, his friend refused the money and told Rolland to take it all that he deserve it and he knows he will make good use out of the money Rolland was very happy that day he took the money came back home and sat and decided to open his ammo shop. He named it Gunner because it was from a gun club competition he won the money.

Lastly, Mr. Rolland James is the founder of Gunner Ammunition Online, an ammo store that helps you to buy ammo online from the comfort of your home and do the delivery to your doorstep without any hassle. This company came into existence in June 15, 2010.


Where to buy ammo online

Have you run out of ammo to feed your gun? Do you intend to buy ammo online? and you’re confused about where to shop your ammunition? Welcome to Gunner Ammunition Online, an online ammunition store that sells varieties of bullets from top-notch manufacturers at a less expensive price and ships directly to your door front. We have famous calibers in stocks like 9mm, 10mm, 45 ACP, 40 S&W, 5.7X28mm, 6.5 PRC, 6.5 Creedmoor, 300 Blackout, 30-06, 22-250, and many of which you can think off. We stock ammunition from different categories like Handgun AmmoRifle AmmoRimfire ammo, and Shotgun Ammo. Buying ammo online from us will make your shopping easier and also help you to save more when buying. Are top-notch calibers we sell consist of the following bullets types namely;

 A full metal jacket (FMJ) is commonly used for target shooting and competition, Hollowpoint (HP) is commonly used for self-defense and lastly, Soft point (SP) is commonly used for self-defense. So what are you waiting for, Buy your ammo online from

xistence in June 15, 2010.

Why Choose Gunner Ammunition Online

We posses many qualities which makes us outstand many of our competitors nationwide. We are the best ammunition website you will ever come across with such qualities.

  • Fast Shipping
    Our delivery service is very fast and we don't hassle with your item. We deliver your ammo straight to your door-step to safe you stress picking it up from a local gun shop near you.
  • Trusted by many
    Over the years we have receive positive reviews from our customers and we try our best to you with the top-notch ammo for your gun.
  • 24/7 customer support
    We're available online 24/7 to help you out with any worries or doubt you face on our website. Please don't hesitate to contact us via our Live Chat or using or working number listed on our website.
  • Cheapest prices
    We know ammunition is very costly these days and had to find. We are luck to be among the few vendors who still have ammo in stock. That's because we buy in bulk and store for future use so our prices are moderate so that you can purchase a bullet for your gun.
  • Mobile Compatible website
    Our website is mobile compatible which means that it displays very well on mobile devices the same way it displays on desktop to conclude, our website is compatible with all devices be it desktop, mobile, tablet, etc so you have no worries when using our website in any device.
  • SSL Secured Website
    We know how important it is to secure your personal information, so our website is SSL secured which means that all information we receive from clients our tend to be encrypted so that someone can't have access to it.


Happy Customers

Our customers have put us on the mad for several years as we keep to promises some which are, delivery time, promotion, discount, free shipping, awards and so many of them.


Are you facing any problem on our website? Or is the a question you will like to ask about and you want to reach to us? Feel free to get in touch with us as soon as possible.


What our buyers says



Items are clearly identified, purchasing is made simple and so far, shipments have been on time and complete.


Very happy with Gunnerammunitiononline when I placed order I put wrong address they were quick to fix the problem received my package within a week will definitely use them again and recommend them to friends

Steven Rashford

Product was delivered on time and was in the condition as advertised, good to deal with


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